Let’s Mind the Home.

You can all read a little bit about what this site really comes down to right here, but just to welcome you and make you feel right at home let me elaborate.

The Interior. This is were you will find the real gems of the inside home. What to do about flowers? Cleaning the vases? Renovation? The must have pieces right now. Thoughts on latest interior trends. Inspirational babble and pictures. You will find it all here!

The Kitchen. You will find all kinds of stuff regarding food, making food, eating food, heavenly drinks (maybe drinks should have come first on the list), reviewing stuff like good chef’s knifes, the must have tricks in the kitchen and what not.

The Wardrobe. We are all trying our best to look like that actress/actor and model (or just someone random who you wanna look like). And even if you are definitely killing it (which you totally are), and you don’t really need any tips at all (which you totally don’t) this is where you can find them if you ever would want to (which you totally won’t).

You’ll find all of this, and probably some more, here on Mind the Home. And if you don’t mind, I will try to do this with a pinch of humor.

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Mind the Home

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