The food you have to have this weekend – Lowcarb Mushroom Risotto

Craving some delicious food for the weekend? I have a really mouth watering dish going on for ya!

Mushroom Risotto.

Delicious, yummy lowcarb Mushroom Risotto

Photo: Mind the Home

(should be good for around 4-6 -hungry person- portions)

2 heads cauliflower
2 cubes of mushroom stock
3 medium sized shallots
1/2 dl (0,2 cup) fresh thyme
300 g (0,7 pounds) of good parmesan
1 dl (0,4 cup) of cream
500 g (1,1 pounds) of champignons
2 pears
3 dl (1,3  cup) of white whine
4 dl (1,7 cup) of water

This is how

1. Shred cauliflower and chop shallots in small, even pieces and the mushroom in quarter pieces, “pull” the thyme from its stem.

2. Preheat a larger pan with butter, medium heat. Fry onion during two minutes.

3. Pour wine, water and stock in another pan, let get to boil. Meanwhile, pour shredded cauliflower and mushroom into the pan with onions and mix.

4. Now, the wine blend (save some, you might not need it all) into the cauliflower and let this boil while you stir for a little while. Let boil until excess fluids has evaporated.

5. When the cauliflower is soft the fun begins (there should be no extra fluid in the cauliflower at this point, this is why you don’t add all the fluid at one time, if there is, remove with a ladle)! Add cream and thyme to the pan. Let boil for a while (until there’s a proper creamy texture going on).

6. Add shredded parmesan and fresh chopped pear and mix. Now you are almost in heaven.

7. Put a portion on a plate (or all of it in a nice bowl) and sprinkle thyme and pear on top to add that extra esthetics. Enjoy friends!

I told you my weekend food, now tell me yours! 

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Mind the Home


  1. Looks delicious! I’m making the French dish Joue de boeuf tonight. It’s one of my absolute favorites, but since it is very difficult to get hold of ox muzzle (don’t know if this is the correct translation, but in Swedish “Oxkind”) here in Sweden we don’t have it often. The casserole needs two more hours before serving, but I can’t wait :)

    • Casserole, beef, hours in the oven? Yes please! What else do you put in it and did it turn out good?

  2. You are kidding me?! I just switched to lowcarb/paleo and have been missing risotto as this was my favorite before! This is so great news!! Any ideas on how to make it paleo?

    Ps. Ox muzzle?! Sounds scary, but maybe worth a shot. If I haven’t died and went to risotto-heaven

    • Haha Jessica, you crack me up! Risotto is so delicious and I just had to have it, so I put on that apron and got to the experimenting and this is what I came up with. I’ve seen some sort of milk free cheese in the supermarkets but if it has that well aged taste that you get with parmesan I can’t really say. As for the creme, just skip it (it’s really not necessary for taste). Wish you best of luck with this, and it would be fun if you let me know what you think (also so that I know you didn’t die). Best Regards, Linda

  3. The ox muzzle turned out great! It’s basically beef, cooked in red wine (I used a full bottle for 800 grams of beef), root vegetables, onion and garlic. As simple as that!

    And I will definitely try the risotto:)

  4. Just to confirm – still alive!

    Thanks for helping out! I will try it without the cream and see how it goes! I will report back!

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