This is how you use Hydrangea as an affordable flower option

Hydrangea seems to be the flower of the Netherlands, call me lucky – they’re all over the Hague (so long boring Swedish bushes and hi beautiful colorful hydrangea bushes). The Netherlands are front rank in flowers overall, so naturally my first action as dutch was a shopping spree at the flower market. I bought me a couple of handsome Hydrangeas among others (so many, many others) which now with graceful ease grow at the balcony.

The reason that I love Hydrangeas (except the quite obvious reason of striking beauty) is that they are so much. They are so big. So many. So colorful. So tasteful. So easy to work with. I mean, once you get the hang of the constant watering, the hydrangeas are easy to take care of.  They will stand for a lot of sun and they will stand for less sun, how superbly convenient!

Anyway, once you have a bush in your yard/balcony (and in the Netherlands you can pick one up for not over 20 €) you can always cut a flower from the great number and put it in a vase inside. It will hold for a long time. If you have different colors on your bushes you can make a nice mix but you can also go for the one and use the detailed stem work inside the flower as a cradle for smaller flowers that you can pick on your daily walk (yes, yet another reason to get your butt out there).

This beautiful hydrangea is used as a cradle for smaller flowers.

Photo: Mind the Home

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