Top 5 Hay items to spruce up your home

In this jungle of interior designer brands and websites selling their stuff, it’s nice to have a little go to cheat sheet. Here’s one.

Hay cheat sheet

About a chair – I just love a gray chair. So forgiving with stains, so retro but modern, so easy on the eye, so stylish (I could go on but I’m stopping myself right there). This chair would go in your office (so you can lounge while the other one work) or in your hallway (so that you can sit down and put your shoes on if you’re a 60 year old in a 29 year old body like me).


Wooden Wonderland – Don’t you just wanna get this due to that amazing name? I do! I wanna fill my world with Wooden Wonderlands. But no, this is not why you should get it (maybe just a little). Do you have kids? If you do, this is an amazing toy for them. It’s seriously great for math- and imagination skills and the kids work on it in a completely natural and hands on way as well (this is your teacher talking). Plus side for grown ups is that they are really good looking, laying scattered all over the place.

Don’t leave me – I would never leave you, little Hay table. This table is, I know, I know, everywhere. But still, it is so good looking. And oh the variations in color, they’re killing me! I would go for this table at the balcony (easy to move around with you wine glas), beside your sofa (again, the wine glas), nightstands in your bedroom (wine? maybe just a glas of water).



Copenhauge chair -  Soaped beech I love you! And, have you looked at the legs of this thing? Have you? They’re amazing! Those angles is getting me all worked up. This chair I would put in my office (next to my string shelves)  or use together with another legger (this).



Marble tray – This marble tray is perfect for assembling all your junk (we all have it) in the kitchen, office or bedroom, to create a more unified feeling rather then a cluttered all over the place kind of feel.

Did you guys notice I put a 6th Hay item in there (#naughty)? Don’t forget to share your favorite Hay items right here!



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  1. Hi again! Haha, I almost have the exact same favorites as you do! The only thing to add is the Uchiwa char. Just love that one!

    Great work with the blog. Impressive to come back and see this many posts. Keep up the great work and have a great rest of the weekend!


    • So glad to see you again here Liliana!

      The Uchiwa chair is very cool, I can see it in a modern home or an office for example. My husband used to work for a big office and naturally they had really cool interior design such as this chair and others and it really came to its right there (during the 4 years he worked there I was constantly hoping for a switch of furniture and sell the old -kind of thing).

      Thanks so much for the complement. Try to keep the readers busy! Have a great weekend and I’m looking forward to more thoughts from you.

      Best, Linda at Mind the Home

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