Let’s go for that easy breakfast – Blueberry Yoghurt

This is really so easy, it’ll take you 1 minute and then you’re done. A breakfast for those who can’t stand to eat that big breakfast (unlike me).

Home made Blueberry Yoghurt

Photo by Mind the Home

Photo by Mind the Home

greek yoghurt
fresh sweet blueberry (with this I mean, there are blueberries out there which are “turn your mouth upside down”-sour, you don’t wanna go with those)
coconut chips

This is how
1. Pour your wanted amount of yoghurt and blueberries in a high and narrow bowl. If you like you can also pour 1-2 drops of honey in there if you like it extra sweet (I don’t).

2. Whisk with electric mixer until blueberries break (here’s why the bowl needs to be narrow, the blueberries won’t break if not).

3. Serve with coconut chips.

Enjoy this light and quick breakfast!

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