The tip to give your diamond ring all that bling

After summer and all those weddings, we’re are looking at massive diamond flashing in our surroundings. But here’s one thing that most girls forget when it comes to the diamond. Therefore, you girls who just had that ring put on your finger (and all else of course), don’t forget this tip.

When designing my wedding ring I had a lot (I mean A LOT) of time to talk to my goldsmith and guess what he told me. The wowser-effect of that rock ain’t all in the quality of the stone (thank heaven, we all have a shot on the massive bling!). The goldsmith lets me in on a secret, most people who spend extra on an over the top diamond forgets to wash it regularly which after about a week makes it drop in quality-looks.

So girls, let’s pick one day a week (mine is sunday) and clean that diamond! Here’s how to:

1. Pour warm water from the tap and detergent into a glas.

2. Put your diamond (ring, earring, necklace etc.) in there for about 15 minutes to allow the dirt to unloose

3. Pull out your diamond tooth brush (yes you should have a tooth brush for the bling), add some detergent on it and brush that dirt of.

4. Enjoy your bling.

Photo by Mind the Home


Photo by Mind the Home

Photo by Mind the Home



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