Key Items for Fall (Part I)

Even though we are going on the second wind summer wise, we can’t put of fall forever. And honestly, I don’t mind cuddling up to the fire place and getting all that fall fashion on! And when the fall does arrive, we should be ready for it (getting our ducks in a row, as they say). Here’s part I in important fall items that you should get in order. Every Saturday in September a Key Item for Fall- post will be released. What kind of fall items would you like to see in this series? Do tell right here!


Zara – This fall we’re really going for the black and white prints which makes this compact umbrella quite perfect (and look at the price!).



London Undercover - Alexander McQueen has an umbrella collection with animal heads (hich just feels so cool!). Here’s a more affordable option!



Go all Minister with this black umbrella!



Barbour – A compact umbrella isn’t as stable and fashionable as the full version, but it is quite practical so you probably should go for one of those as well. This Barbour umbrella is really quite affordable and a real classic! You’ll find it here.





London Undercover – this orange bamboo handled umbrella just push the right buttons times two (orange – check, bamboo handle – check).



Massimo Dutti – Let’s hit the classics! Brown (you can never go wrong with brown) and an amazing wooden bamboo handle. It just breathes rainy London!


Don’t forget to tell me what you would like to see in this Key Items for Fall Series!


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