Lemon Meringue Pie

I give you the Easter Cake. My mother in law bakes it every Easter, thus the Easter Cake. And it’s amazing. I mean seriously, it’s not a pretty sight comes Easter. The family of five starts to look like vultures around 2 PM (cake and coffee at 3 PM) and when the cake arrives. Well, let’s not go further on this (let’s just say we would make a fit in the savannah).

Here’s the amazing recipe. Thanks mother in law for introducing this to me.

Photo by Mind the Home

Photo by Mind the Home

Easter Cake (a.k.a. Lemon Meringue Pie)
Serves: obviously barely a family of five


Pie Shell (that you’ll find here)

Lemon Curd

9 tbsp of freshly squeezed lemon
Lemon zest of 4 lemons
1,5 dl (0,65 cups) of sugar
75 g of butter (this can actually be excluded if you want to make a Paleo or dairy free cake)
3 eggs
3 jokes

This is how
1. Pour lemon juice into a pan, add sugar, fresh lemon zest and butter.

2. Let simmer for a couple of minutes.

3. Remove pan from heat and strain it before adding eggs and jokes (which you have whisked together in advance) while whisking.

4. Put back on low heat, stir until you have a thick curd.

5. Let cool and then spread it in the bottom of your pie shell.

Photo by Mind the Home

Photo by Mind the Home

Photo by Mind the Home

Photo by Mind the Home

Soft Meringue

6 egg white
0,75 dl (0,3 cups) sugar

This is how
1. Whisk egg whites with electric mixer until you have a firm foam.

2. Add sugar little by little while you whisk.

3. Spread evenly on top of the lemon curd.

4. Bake 20 minutes  in preheated oven 140 C (284 F) hot air. If you don’t have hot air just add 25 C (77 F) to the number.


Photo by Mind the Home

Photo by Mind the Home

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    • Tina! Thank you! It really is yummy (even though mother in law makes the best one ;-)) Yes absolutely! I imagine it will taste a bit honey but if you like honey I think it will actually go great with the sourness from the lemons!

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