Sunday school – life hacks that’ll guide you to an easier life

Introducing this Sunday series of Life Hacks (tips to give your day that extra ease). My husband insist that I have so many tricks up my sleeve that I should share (I suspect he wants me to stop showing him everything). The first one I’ll give you is an old trick I learned when I worked as a Barista.

Number 1.

The perfect latte milk, without the fancy pansy milk foamer costing you hundreds of euros (this will cost you give or take 1 €).

1. Buy a milk frother (you’ll find it right here!)

2. Pour milk in a pan and heat until it reaches 65 C (149 F). If you exceed this temperature your coffee drink will taste like boiled milk.

3. Tilt your pan and insert the frother. You want to create a nice swirl in your milk.

4. A couple of times you will pull the frother a bit (but not entirely) above the surface and it will make a purring sound (this is you adding air to the milk) and then you lower it again and create a new swirl (the swirl sort of embed the air evenly in the milk creating a foamy feel).

5. When you feel satisfied with the thickness of your foam you remove the frother. The banging that you see in the clip is to whipe out potential bubbles. The whirling is to make the milk shiny.

6. Now, you pour the milk into an espresso slowly. If you don’t do it slow you will ruin the sort creamy coffee layer on top, through which you want to drink to get a coffee flavored milk and foam.

Good luck!

Do you have any Life Hacks? Let me know right here.


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