How to make your own, healthy, crushed tomatoes

I eat as much organic vegetables, food over all, as I can. I also try to skip as many of the processed eatables as possible. Making from scratch reduces E-substances and I prefer to reduce chemicals in my body if I can! Here’s how you make your crushed tomatos from scratch. It’s really easy and takes no time (and tastes alot better then something inhabiting in a can for month and months)!


Photo by Mind the Home

Photo by Mind the Home

Home made crushed tomatos

Photo by Mind the Home

20 tomatos (preferably organic)
2 dl (0,84 cups) water
possibly onions

This is how
1. Chop up your tomatoes (don’t forget to remove the green part) and your onions if you want your crushed tomatoes to have an onion flavor.

2. Fry in a pan with oil/butter/coconut fat, medium heat.

3. When the tomatoes are getting mushy you add some water (amount depends on how solid you wan’t your crushed tomatoes) and let simmer for a while.

4. VoilĂ ! Your crushed tomatoes are done. You can use it in a sauce right away or put it in the freezer for later occasions.

Tip: if you don’t like tomatoe chunks, just mix it with a hand blender.

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