This Warm Chanterelle and Apple Salad is to die for!

This is my old time favorite. What makes it so special probably is the face that chanterelles only comes once a year if you want them fresh.

Photo by Mind the Home

Photo by Mind the Home

Warm Chanterelle and Apple Salad 
Serves two

150 g of aged cheese
2 green apples
3 small red onions
150 g spinach
50 g rocket salad
500 g chanterelles
75 g of butter/coconut fat

This is how
1. Start with brushing your chanterelles so that you remove most of the dirt from them.

2. Then you put them in a pan (no butter or anything like that) and heat it to medium. Leave them there for a good 10 minutes. The chanterelles will start release water which you don’t want in the salad.

3. Meanwhile you slice the onions and apples in cloves.

4. When the chanterelles have release its water and started to shrink you add butter/coconut fat, onions and apples. Fry 5 minutes.

5. Now you remove the pan from its heat. Add cheese, spinach and rocket salad and give it a mix.

Enjoy folks!






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