To keep your firewood in the house with style

When we were apartment hunting in the Netherlands we were positively surprised by the beautiful architecture here in the Hague, but that’s not all. We fell instantly in love with the fireplaces. There were fireplaces in almost every apartment we looked at (we don’t really have that in Sweden). So you can imagine my impatience. Could fall just get here already so I can light up that fire?

Impatiently waiting for that to happen, I’ll share some inspiration for keeping the firewoods inside. That way, at least we can start bringing the woods into the house and it will get on with the drying phase.

Favorite comes first! Had it not been for the fact that we already have one of these with liquor on, I would totally go for this! So if you don’t have one, this is the perfect time to go retro!


I was scanning Pinterest to find an idea I had in my mind. I’ve been thinking of using String shelves to stack wood and I wanted to get a visual (don’t you just love the idea?). I couldn’t find it but I did stumble across this instead.


Next I’ve been thinking of this wire basket from Ferm Living. I like the idea a lot and would go for either of the colors black and gray (but, where do I keep the rest of the wood? And who will clean up all of the dirt that falls from between the wire gaps?).


Here we have quite the original way to work with the firewoods (I wouldn’t set them on fire though).


Here we’re going for the rustic kind of home. Maybe a cottage or just your country style home (extra points if you go for the dried herbs as well). This would definately work in a industrial kind of home as well.


It was a no-go on finding an inspirational firewood picture with this Muuto basket, so we’ll just have to use our imagination (can you see it? The firewood inside the basket?).


I found this concept in a magazine months ago, and I fell for it! I’ve been thinking of how to make it, and here you have the thinking results. Just buy two Lack Shelves from IKEA. Install them vertically on the wall with about 1 meter (40″) in between and you have yourself a firewood storage!

What solutions do you have for your firewood? I would love if you’d share!

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