Interior design- five ways to get a clue

How do you keep up with all the trends (Hay this, Wegner that)? And how will you get the Interior Lingo (soaped beech here and untreated pine there)? Is it all a blur? Your not alone. Let me see if I can get you going. First step (if you feel designer school might be overkill) is to check out the market.

1.Get an interior design magazine-subscription going. This is a good one to start you up (and also they look beautiful laying around your house).

2.Start checking interior design-blogs. If you can handle this blog without getting intimidated you should go for it.

3.Check the online houses that sell designer furniture (and what not), just for inspiration if nothing else.  I’m thinking something like this.

4.Fall in love with Pinterest which have so much inspiration for you.

5.Follow interior design bloggers on Instagram.

Do you have a tip for me? Let me know right here.


Photo by Mind the Home

Photo by Mind the Home

Photo by Mind the Home

Photo by Mind the Home

Photo by Mind the Home

Photo by Mind the Home

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Mind the Home


    • Emelie! Such a great idea, I totally forgot about that one. I feel like we totally should move to the north of Scandinavia after seeing that house?

  1. I really love Freunde von Freunden, the homes of the people they interview are always so inspiring. For some reason I also think that the ikea catalogue gives me good ideas.

    • Never heard of Freunde von Freunden. Is it a Tv-Show? I agree, the Ikea-catalog is great, and also love that you can check it online (since I usually use my actually IKEA catalog as coaster or something similar it’s often not in best of shapes).

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