Creamy Apple and Kale Soup

Yesterday was Soup of the week! When it comes to soups I usually go for vegetarian and this week is no exception. This week I was in the mood for a fresh fruit and vegetable soup so I picked up some kale and apples. Kale is super healthy (I imagine there was a misunderstanding and Pop Eye actually ate this, and not spinach) and incidentally one of my favorite veggies.

Green Cabbage and apple soup

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Creamy Apple and Kale Soup 
Serves 4

300 g fresh kale
2 shallots
2 garlic cloves
2 apples
2 vegetable stock cubes
1,5 dl white dry wine
5 dl ( 2,1 cups) cream
8 dl (3,4 cups) tap water
1,5 tsp balsamic vinegar (probably can be excluded)
butter for frying + 50 g butter

This is how
1. Peel the shallots and garlic cloves. Chop the shallots and press the garlic. Fry in medium heated pan with butter a couple of minutes.

2. Meanwhile you peel and grate the apples and then put them in the pan.

3. Add wine and stock cubes to the pan. Let simmer until most of the fluid is gone.

4. Add water and cream and let simmer 10 minutes. Then use your hand blender and blend it into a smooth fluid.

5. While the soup is simmering you remove the kale from the stems and slice into small pieces (size should be so that it fits on your spoon while eating).

6. Add the kale, vinegar, butter and salt to the soup and let boil softly during about 20 minutes.

7. Taste it, possibly add spices that you feel is missing (more salt, vinegar etc).

Enjoy folks!

Photo by Mind the Home

Photo by Mind the Home

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