Perfect gifts to bring to the dinner party

When it comes to dinner party-presents I have a rule. Well, rule might be a bit strong stated. I try to make sure that the person can make use of it. If you’re not extremely skilled, all of those little candlesticks, vases etc. will probably end up in the back of the closet. So, I try to go for the useables. Here’s a list under a 10 € limit.

A package of white linen/cotton napkins.  No matter who you are, what you like, what style you have – you can always make use of white linen napkins (in difference to a colored napkin that is more individual).



A nice box filled with tealights. – Everyone can make use of tealights, and it’s nice to have them in a pretty box. If you like the box you can keep it in the room, if you don’t like it you can put it in the cupboard and at least the candles are gathered in one place.




Bundle of your favorite recipes printed on thick white paper. – I always hear people going om about sharing recipes so why not go for it. Going for separate papers means putting it in recipe folder or where ever they’re kept (unlike yet another recipe book that never will be filled).



A bundle of candles with a ribbon – I reckon most of us make use of candles so it’ll probably be appreciated with a refill!

And oh, a nice silk ribbon always gives a good luxuries feeling to a present!



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