The different measurements of the world – help please!

I’m reaching out to all of my American readers (I’m so thrilled to be reaching the other side of the Atlantic) and my Great Britain readers, and all else who might have a different measuring system than the one I’m using.

I aim to make my recipes as accessible as possible, and for that I might need some help. Which measurements is normal to use in e.g. an American recipe? I know cups and Farenheit (which I add in my recipes) but that’s about it. How do you measure weight?  Do you use tbsp and tsp? I’m sure I could use good old google for this, but I thought it would be more real and accessible for me to hear it from you guys (honestly, it’s all very confusing, Pint here and Gallon there?)!

It would be awesome if you’d share your wisdom right here! 


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