Key Items For Fall (part IIII) – The Scarf

So, fellow fashion people. This is the last post of this series (can you believe September has passed already?) and what better way to finish this off then with the last thing you put on your fall outfit. The scarf!

Getting you hooked with this oversized loveliness from Will be yours for 29,99 €


This houndtooth pattern is so popular right now and you can get this scarf for the bargain price at 24,99 € at


When on the subject of houndtooth pattern, Pieces has made a cool interpretation. They’ve enhanced the pattern making it a really cool and graphic scarf. Get it, again at a bargain price 25 €, at


Alright, keeping it up with the gray scale, By Malene Birger made a nice scarf with their Arabic print. Yours for 135 €.


Another great pattern, this from Zara. Also very affordable 29,90 €.


If you feel like you wanna stay in your no pattern safe zone this one from Acne is the one for you. 130 €


Here’s two more pattern safies from H&M. 9,90 € each.


If you on the other hand, feel like going all about you. You should get this fabulous scarf from COS. It’ll cost you 39 € and everyone will notice your fabulousness.


Finishing with these goodies from Burberry. This scarfs will simply sophisticate any outfit. And, you can find such variation.


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