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It all started when I began to watch Once Upon A Time. Have you seen the lashes of Emma? They’re magnificent. I just felt I had to have what she had (and since there’s no way I’ll get the body and hair, I went for the reachable). So, with recommendation I found myself an eyelash extension.

I started of with Maya at My Lashes in Malmö and now when I moved to the Netherlands I switched to super skilled Michelle at Wishlashes. Both which get my my recommendations. My lashes lasts about three weeks and all maintenance you need to do in between is brushing them in the morning.

Well, let me share some pros and cons with you (as you can see, the pros are a lot more than the cons).

Photo by Mind the Home

Photo by Mind the Home


  • You don’t have to wear mascara, they look like this on its own (saving 20 euros a month on mascara?).
  • You’ll save time every morning before work, not having to put on the mascara.
  • You can skip the annoying scrubbing of the eyelashes at the evening.
  • You’ll wake up with smashing lashes.
  • You’ll look stunning at the gym.
  • You can cry in secrecy.


  • It will set you back a bit (but like I mentioned in the Pros, you’ll save some on the mascara).
  • You’ll find dropped eyelashes everywhere in your apartment (my husband really loves that).
  • You’ll never want to quit this (highly addictive).


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