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During a period of time now, I’ve been searching for THE pan. It had to be cast iron and it had to be light on my husbands small little wrists (sorry H!) and of course it had to look good on our beautiful new gas stove.

Well, I found it (and pressed buy alarmingly fast). LOOK at its clean cut? I love it and it’s just a bonus that’ll it will match well with Iittala’s pans as well.

Cast Iron Pan from Ronneby Bruk.

Cast Iron Pan



The over priced but (I’m still drooling) beautiful pan from Iittala.


Iittala's beautiful clean cut pan



I’ve wanted a cast iron pan a long time since I don’t believe teflon (a lot of poisonous substances in it) is good for you. We worry so much about what we put inside of us these days (spraying etc.), but we seldom stop to think of what we do to our food at home. I also believe that a cast iron pan will last longer (good for the environment) and that it’ll will add to the flavors of your food.

I found this at a Swedish website (you’ll find it here), but just google cast iron pan/skillet and you’ll find it in your country!


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