Sunday School – Polish Brass In A Jiffy!

All that beautiful brass going around right now, this is how to keep it fresh!

1. I scrape the stearin of with my finger or a plastic tool (I don’t want to scratch it so I don’t use anything sharp). If you don’t mind it getting wet, you can heat it of with hot water from tap.

2.  Use a squeezed lemon (a lemon that you’ve squeezed out of juice) and a lot of salt, you pour salt into the lemon (you’ll need to reapply salt during the process).

3. Rubb the lemon with salt to the brass and wipe of with paper cloth, if you’re not satisfied give it another go until you are.

What to use when polish brass

Photo by Mind the Home

Before Polish Brass Iittala Nappula

Photo by Mind the Home

A closeup before polish brass

Photo by Mind the Home

Before polish brass Nappula Iittala

Photo by Mind the Home

A shiny closeup of polished brass candlestick from Iittala

Photo by Mind the Home

A brass Nappula from Iittala After Polish

Photo by Mind the Home

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  1. This is a really great tip, my Skultuna candle holders got stained in an instant and I was so sad. This made my day, an all natural brass polisher! :) Thanks!

    • Sandra, I know, how great does it feel to just use natural products instead of chemicals? :) I wish your Skultuna Candleholders a long, shiny life!

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