Fireplace Mantel Decor

I usually keep some fresh flowers (in my Iittala Aalto vase), pretty and interesting books and interior magazines on my mantel. I’d love to hear what you keep on yours? Except for Christmas when we obviously all have Christmas stockings up there (and what do you usually fill the stocking with is also an interesting question?)!

By the way! This week I’ll give away a GREAT tip how to make your flowers fit in an Aalto Vase without filling it to the brim with flowers.

What to keep on your fireplace like roses and  Iittala Aalto Vase

Photo by Mind the Home

Beautiful roses in a Iittala Aalto Vase

Photo by Mind the Home

Roses and Iittala Aalto vase

Photo by Mind the Home


Photo by Mind the Home

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Mind the Home


  1. It’s embarassing, but this is my mostly underestimated real estate. I keep like trash and random stuff there. I should really try harder. Do you have other great ideas? Are there decoration pieces that can be used or is that just tacky?

    • Peter! That is horrible, it should be your most prized piece of furniture! :) Here’s some ideas, you can go with a large beautiful vase (that either can be empty or filled with flowers at occasions) and some beautiful candlesticks, a large and strong mirror piece, painting/photographs (either leaning or hanging above), pictures of loved ones and at all holidays you could hang a wreath of flowers above it. I hope this can give you some idea so that you will polish of that beautiful piece in your home and find a new trash place! And oh, not sure what you mean with decoration pieces?

  2. I have put a book about wood there (for instant tips and tricks). During the summertime I usually just bring in a rose from the garden, but know I don’t really know what to put there in addition to the book.

    • Emelie, firewood books is a great idea! Very practical! And am loving the rose suggestion, smell lovely as well! I have a suggestion, black and white photographs perhaps? A little larger than usual, say 30×25 cm? Will go nicely with the rose as well :)

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