Low Carb and Gluten Free Pasta in a Jiffy

We can pretend ALL we want that zucchini pasta does the trick but in all seriousness, it really doesn’t. It’s delicious and all, but it honestly, it doesn’t even soak the sauce!

Therefore every now and then I make this great pasta which is Gluten free, Lchf and Low Carb, awesome (bet you can make dairy free as well with soy products)! And listen to this, it even taste like fresh pasta, none of that dried up in the bag-pasta.

Low Carb Gluten Free Pasta

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Low Carb Pasta
  1. 4 eggs
  2. 125 g (0,27 lb) cream cheese
  3. 0,5 dl (0,21 cups) psyllium husk (read more about this here)
  4. large pinch of salt
  1. Whisk the eggs with electric mixer until you have a fluffy mixture.
  2. Add creme cheese and psyllium husk and give it one last mix.
  3. Divide onto two baking papers and put another baking paper on top of and use a rolling pin to even it out all over the paper.
  4. Bake 10 minutes in preheated oven 150 C (302 F) hot air. If you don't have hot air just add 25 C (77 F) to the number.
  5. Peel of baking papers and role the pasta into a long roll, then slice it into preferable pasta size.
  1. Great to keep in the freezer!
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Recipe courtesy of 56kilo.se

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