Sunday School – How To Make a Flower Bouquet fit in an Iittala Aalto Vase

I’ve heard during some years now – do not buy an Iittala Aalto vase. It comes with the warning that all you can put in it is a massive amount of flowers (tulips we usually put in it in Sweden) to make the flowers “fill up”. Then, Iittala Store had an event. And listen carefully now. All. About. Flowers. In. An. Iittala. Aalto. Vase. This was heaven! Two hours of heaven. I don’t imagine I’ll ever fill my vase with tulips again when there are so many different ways you can do it! Here are two ways.


You should always have a hedge trimmer to do your first cut, then a smaller knife for the finer tilted cuts.

Fresh Flowers from the Farmer's Market

Photo by Mind the Home


I’d say this is your typical flower bouquet that will fit in high and narrow vases. See the stems are long underneath the binding point.

High flower bouquet

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To make it fit in a short and wide vase all you have to do is make the stems shorter. See how I cut at least half the length of the stems.

Short flower bouquet

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Now it fits perfectly in my Iittala Aalto Vase (mine is 160 mm). Maybe you can imagine that if the stems would have been longer the bouquet would only be tipping one way instead of standing straight.

Short flower bouquet in iittala aalto

Photo by Mind the Home

Close up stems for iittala aalto

Photo by Mind the Home

Autumn Flower Bouquet

Photo by Mind the Home


And as for the left overs. You can cut them short and just randomly put them in a small Iittala Aalto Vase (however, do make sure all your stems are in water, unlike I did at this picture). Of course, you can use this technique for the large vase as well!

Small Iittala Aalto Vase

Photo by Mind the Home


FYI, the flower bouquets in the Netherlands are quite different to the once in Sweden. Here in Netherlands they like (and as the true adopter of culture as I am, I now like it too) a straggly bouquet, with flowers all over the place. And honestly, don’t you just love the wilderness about it?

Typical Netherland's Sprawling Bouquet

Photo by Mind the Home


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