When Sunday School becomes Monday School – New Improved Polish Formula!

This weekend I took the whole dang thing off. Me and H packed the car with a one nighter bag and went on a little trip through the Netherlands. We decided on the tactic “you decide one turn and I the next and let’s see where we end up”. Well, after 1o minutes we ended up circling a residential area and although we agreed on no highway but small ways, this was a bit too small. So, we started the gps and picked a random location further south at the map and then headed for quirky small roads. We ended up driving through a lot of beautiful places and picked a random cosy looking hotel in old town Brielle. Although the hotel was kind of shady once we checked in, and all double rooms were booked meaning (the two of us) crashing in a two storey family room, we really did enjoy the spontaneous nature of the trip which I highly can recommend! 

Anyway. That’s why Sunday School became Monday School. 

So, I don’t if you remember Sunday School a couple of weeks ago – how to polish brass. Well, here’s a new improved maner to give your brass and copper that young sweet color back again (boy do I feel stupid been going at it with a lemon skeleton)!

Liquid lemon juice

This is how
1. Pour juice and salt into the coarse part of the sponge.

2. Rub!

Hay Lup Square Candleholder

Alloyed Copper Hay Lup Square Candleholder

Photo by Mind the Home

Polished Hay Lup Square Candleholder

Photo by Mind the Home

Grandmother in law’s beautiful old copper pan

Alloyed Copper Pan

Photo by Mind the Home

Polished Copper Pan

Photo by Mind the Home


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