Sunday School – How to get rid of spots (for real!)

This summer, a week before my wedding, my skin had an episode. Like any other bride would agree upon, the worst nightmare happened – spots. Luckily I have the very best skin therapist in the world, and the sweetest at that. She came at the rescue and taught me the single most effective trick I’ve ever had up my sleeve, when it comes to spots. So listen up, here’s the advice she gave me!

What you need
A thin needle (check your pharmacy or google it)
A desinfectant
Cotton pads

This is how
1. Use a cotton pad to disinfect the needle.
2. Use a new cotton pad to disinfected the spot.
3. Push the needle right through the center of the spot, gently, a millimeter and only once.
4. Use a divided cotton pad with disinfectant on it to push at the sides (not on) of the spot, until you have pushed out some of the you-know-what.
5. Disinfect the spot one more time with a cotton pad and let dry.
6. Disinfect the needle and let dry before putting it away.
7. Do not, absolutely not, touch the spot after this since you will get dirt into it.

Note: Even if you don’t empty the “whole thing” the oxygen you let into the spot will make it disappear faster because the inside of a spot FEASTS in oxygen-poor environment.

Note 2: This works 9 out of 10 times, the 10th time you might have to repeat the treatment.

how to remove spots

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