How to accessories your bed

So, let me try to organize this. As of today I’m rebooting up The Bedroom Project. It’s been at rest mode forever because, well, basically, it’s such a hassle. ALL kind of pillow projects makes me dizzy.

We have grey roof beams in our bedroom which is setting the color scheme. I’m up for a pleated grey headboard but decided today on a hold. Instead I decided on starting with a bedspread and pillow-research. So that’s step 1, which is the step I’m sharing with you today. And like always, I’d love to hear what you guys are doing at home, how do you dress your bed?

This is the base.

How to dress your bed with pillows


 This 60×90 cm would be number 1.

Throw Pillow from Ilva

From Ilva


This 50×60 cm pillow would be number 2.

By Zebra


And this 40×60 cm as a number 3.

Throw Pillow Chattel and Jonsson

By Chhatwal and Jonsson


Another set up is this 60×90 cm as number 1.

Light grey throw pillow

By Ilva

And this 40×60 as number 3. 

Throw pillow by Chhatwal and Jonsson

By Chhatwal and Jonsson


 Here’s a little 4 for sure.

Small throw pillow from bloomingville

By Bloomingville


And then some 8’s! This light grey bedspread could be a little darker to go with option 1.

Grey bed throw from Mille Notti

By Mille Notti


Another grey bedspread. Still, could be a tad more dark grey to match option 1. 

Grey bedspread from Jotex

By Jotex


This is more like it. Antracit for the win.

Bedspread from laredoute

By La Redoute


As for the number 9. Our bed is currently dark brown (not a great color),

so I’m changing it to white with this 30 cm deep sheet. All our bed sheets

are white so this will add up nicely!

Bed sheets

By Ilva


These satin sheets are my all time favorite, the only number 9 touching my bed!

hemtex margareta

By Hemtex


When it comes to number 10, like I mentioned, I’m putting it on hold, and number 5 and 7 – I’m skipping it! 


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