Decorating for Christmas

I love Christmas more than anything (don’t tell my husband) (or my dog) so I’m a naturally born Christmas Start Cheater. Here’s a sharing of some of the Christmas decorations in my home right now. I’d love to hear what decorations you have, and if there’s any special traditions or reasons to have them?

Two weeks ago I set up the electric Christmas Brass Candelabras in my windows and I refuse to turn them of even when it’s broad daylight outside. Of course this year the candelabras had extra appeal since they were brand new and had traveled all the way from Sweden in friends’ suitcases (bless their hearts)!

Christmas lights boxes

Photo by Mind the Home

Electric Brass Christmas Candelabras from Konstsmide

Photo by Mind the Home

Konstsmide mässing / brass

Photo by Mind the Home


We usually also have one BIG Christmas star and obviously I wasn’t letting it near the old fashion brass candelabras so I arranged a home for it in the office, where it looks beautiful next to the scruffy brick wall.

Lighted Christmas Star / Julstjärna

Photo by Mind the Home


The four-candlestick. I was profoundly disappointed when I realized I’d thrown out my favorite christmas candlestick holder made in concrete from Swedish island Gotland (I vaguely remember that there was melted stearic all over it but SO WHAT?!) so this white simpleness in tin from IKEA had to step in. And for all Christmas celebraters that doesn’t use this 4- candlestick the purpose is to light one every Sunday before Christmas to mark the await of Jesus / Christmas.

christmas candlestick

Photo by Mind the Home


Oh the Fir Christmas Wreath. Every year I long for the fir-tree smell in my apartment and since the world (typical of them) doesn’t start selling christmas fir-trees this early I shall have to do with this wreath a week longer (I’m not really upset, look at it, it’s beautiful!). Usually I wrap the red ribbon around the wreath as well, can’t decide on it this year. What do you think? 

Fir Christmas Wreath

Photo by Mind the Home

Fir Christmas Wreath over the fire place

Photo by Mind the Home


And of course, the Christmas flowers. You could see a red one a few pictures up which is completely smell free and non allergic. I used to be really allergic to flowers but had a vaccination of sort against pollen allergy so this year I’m going all in trying out the enchanting Hyacinths. I’m not a pink or purple kind of girl so for me white Hyacinths was the obvious choice. And oh you know what? Here’s a tip, the pots that I put them in are actually old scented candles from IKEA. 

White Hyacinths for Christmas

Photo by Mind the Home

Hyacinths for christmas

Photo by Mind the Home

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    • Thank you :-D ! Tried to make my pictures as beautiful as yours but I think maybe food is my thing ;-) Oh the concrete candleholder went missing so this is an IKEA :'( will have to buy a new one when going to Gotland on Lucia :-)

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