Sunday School – how to fix those nasty tv-cords

When we moved to the Netherlands I firmly said no to a TV furniture sort of solution (nor could we room it). So we started looking into other solutions that would hide the nastiness of cords all over the place. There are some pretty nifty boxes ready to use that can house your cords and chargers and what not. There’s even one you can screw right on to the outlet. However, I didn’t find them completely right in our setting. So, this is what I did.

Do you wanna go from this..

Tv Cords mess

Photo by Mind the Home

to this?

Tv cords solution

Photo by Mind the Home

This is how

Get a good looking paper box of sort.

Paper box perfection from Hay

Photo by Mind the Home

Cut a whole in the back of both parts using a utility knife.

A cut box from Hay

Photo by Mind the Home

– so that the match.

Hay paper box that has been cut

Photo by Mind the Home

Put a power strip in the box along with all your devices. Not to worry about your Apple Tv because you can easily download a remote control app to your iOs! And the cable TV? Our supplier has an app remote as well, but if not my first action would be trying out a small whole where you have the receiver on the cable box.

Cords at the back of a Hay paper box

Photo by Mind the Home


Close up on cord solution

Photo by Mind the Home

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