Lchf/Low Carb Salty Chocolate Fudge

The eating holliday. Especially around Christmas time you will see Low Carb/LCHF yellow pastries, gingery cookies of all sorts and homemade Christmas candy all over the screen. So I rounded up some Fudge recipes and made my version. I especially checked out Sockertjocken who have some more Fudge inspo if you like to go Fudge crazy!

Lchf Low Carb Salty Chocolate Fudge No sugar

Photo by Mind the Home

Salty Chocolate Fudge
  1. 50 g butter
  2. 2 dl cream
  3. 30 g 75% chocolate
  4. 3 drops liquid honey
  5. a pinch of salt
  1. Melt butter.
  2. Add chocolate and let melt too.
  3. Add cream and honey and stir continuously about 15 minutes (until it thickens), do not let it boil, only simmer.
  4. Add salt little by little until you are satisfied (it's so individual).
  5. Pour into a small box dressed with baking paper, the smaller the box the higher the fudge (unfortunately I had a to big so my fudge became a bit thin).
  6. Leave in fridge at least 3 hours to get set.
  7. Remove the fudge from the box and cut into pieces which now are easy to remove from the baking paper. Keep cold.
  1. Doesn't hurt with s smudge of cream if you wanna serve it as a dessert!
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