Artichoke Soup (yum) and some satire

This is how a great week went down at my place.  I started up with a vacation and gave it a too many days of too heavy food poisoning-flavor. For kicks I just simply added two flights back to Amsterdam during this period of time. The so called poison had not left my body when the one and the same decided to spice up life with a 10 out of 10 headache (awesome, I never get high score). However, I was still not satisfied with the level of kicks and spices in my life at this point, so this time I simply added a neurologist and a spinal fluid tap (no it was not McDreamy and no it was not a tap, it was a full on field trip in my spine) and then, another flight this time to Sweden for Christmas. I don’t need to tell you, this was the best week ever!

Anyway. To the point. Those of you who follow me at Instagram knows that my cooking skills during this wonderful and personal growth week, have been narrowed down to caffeine free tea mixed with coconut fat (Obviously you can never blog too many times about tea and coconut fat, but still) and my creative thinking has been limited to fever fantasies. So it’s with great pleasure I give you, the back in kitchen duty-premier! Of course it started with Soup of The Week.

Great option if you feel tired of Christmas food all of a sudden (before Christmas I know this is unthinkable but we all know we’ll get there). Also, you could really show of with this one at New Year’s Eve! 

Low Carb LCHF Artichoke Cream Soup

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Creamy Artichoke Soup
  1. 2 schallots
  2. 3 cloves of garlic
  3. 50g/1,7oz butter
  4. 2 dl (0,84 cups) white wine
  5. 0,5 tbsp balsamic vinegar
  6. 3 x 390g/13,7oz (210g/7,4oz drained weight) preserved artichoke bottoms (only the bottoms)
  7. 5 dl (2,1 cups) tap water
  8. 2 vegetable stock cubes
  9. 6 dl (2,5 cups) cream
  10. 1,5 dl (0,63 cups) parmesan
  11. 1-2 tbsp fresh thyme
  1. Chop shallots and grate the garlic cloves then pour into a pan preheated with the butter, fry a couple of minutes (until onion is soft).
  2. Meanwhile pour artichokes into a strainer and rinse thoroughly.
  3. Pour artichokes, wine, balsamic vinegar and stock cubes into the pan, fry about 5 minutes.
  4. Add water and let simmer 20-30 minutes.
  5. Mix in pan with an electric blender until you have a smooth mixture.
  6. Add cream and thyme (pull leaves from stems) and let come to simmer.
  7. Meanwhile, grate parmesan and then add to the soup.
  1. If you're having trouble getting the smooth soups smooth, be patient, this takes a couple of minutes and you might have to let the blender paus in between if it gets too hot.
Adapted from Linda at Mind the Home
Adapted from Linda at Mind the Home
Mind the Home
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