How to use the Piano as an Interior Detail

My husband and my in-laws surprised me with an unbelievably sweet present (too sweet) this Christmas. An old 50’s wooden toy piano. In real life and more specifically, to choose a new piano. 

Wooden Toy Piano

Photo by Mind the Home

It’s been a dream for quite some time to rejoice in the musical interest I (in typical teenager manner) pursued a fleet time as a youngster. Now the dream has unexpectedly come true. No need to say I’m super excited to get back home and get started on the process to become the next big piano thing. First though. 

The process. Oh. The. Process.

A digital piano that has the look. Plays well. Carries well. Fits the wallet. As you can imagine, this is not a super easy task. Sometimes I wish (no I don’t) that there just weren’t any choices and my husband just got me the thing (it would never be the right thing). 

Oh. The. Process. 

For now, I’ll share some inspirational Pinterest Piano Love with you guys. And as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts. 


The milk bottle orchid-plant, the books, the little green house that match the chair, and the chair itself is great, the butterfly picture, the plants, the everything. Full on greatness! Bottom line – don’t be afraid to decorate the piano.


Okay this is nothing like what my digital piano will look like obviously but I love the Eames chair and the Ferm Living blanket together with the black piano. Bottom line – the chair is important and if you choose a plain one you can always kit it with a blanket.


I just love the colorful carpet and black and white paintings together with the high gloss (and that high gloss!) black piano! Bottom line – by all means do go black and white but even better to kick it with a colorful splash.


The Diamond lamp and the map painting looks so beautiful together with this wooden piano. Bottom line – don’t be afraid to go with some low hanging lamps and paintings. 


Those two stools make the piano look really inviting, and the angled legs make an old furniture look all up to date. Bottom line – Don’t be afraid to mix modern and retro for a nice blend.


The vase with twigs looks great and if you’re going with the sheer country side style this idea, painting your piano all white, is great! Bottom line –  It’s really affordable to buy old and used pianos and don’t hesitate to give it a fresh paint to give it new life! 





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  1. Åh vilken fantastisk present! Drömmer också om ett piano men får bli en större lägenhet först ;) fantastisk pianoinspiration! Näst sista bilden var helt galet drömmig!

    • Ja visst var det? Jag har gått på pianofärgade moln sedan dess ;) Ja det är ju det där med platsen. Egentligen har vi inte någon klockren plats heller men jag vill så gärna spela att till sist gick behov förre plats. Haha ja den bilden… jag hade gärna tagit hela hemmet när som helst! ;)

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