Homemade Roasted Salty Almonds -a healthy weekday snack

I know, I know, one shouldn’t snack at weekdays but if you were (and you’re not) to do it this is a great alternative! These are really delicious, feels luxurious to treat guests with (especially warm) and bonus is that they’re healthy!

Homemade Roasted and Salted Almonds

Photo by Mind the Home

Homemade Roasted Salty Almonds
  1. organic almonds
  2. olive oil/tasteless coconut fat
  3. salt
  1. Preheat a skillet with oil to medium heat.
  2. Pour almonds into the skillet and shake the skillet every now and then during aprox 10 min (I want the almonds to be almost burned, like at carnevals).
  3. In the end, add as much salt (or other spices) as you prefer.
  4. Serve whole or chop them up a little bit.
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