Burberry Sneakers that are made for walking

Leather Sneakers from Burberry

Photo by Mind the Home

So, I figure there are some things you just have to make a pregnancy thing (you need to dig into the advantages). First on the list, you need good shoes because unlike Blake Lively we can’t all afford Louboutin that apparently are real swell to walk in with back pains and what not. Problem for me is that I’m too vain to be walking around in trainers all day (don’t get me wrong, sneakers are fine, but 24 h a day?) and why should I? Why should I have to dress like wreck just because I’m near enough a ship on the roads. Therefore, here are my brand new, super comfy, pregnancy shoes (see what I did there? Disguise a nice pair of shoes in the pregnancy?). Aren’t they pretty? 

You’ll find them here. 

Leather shoes burberry

Photo by Mind the Home

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