Sunday School – How to store your food without the use of plastic products

You know that feeling when you’re going to clear the dinner table and put the left-overs in the fridge? It’s usually not a moment of joy (I usually escape this situation). At hand you have plastic boxes and plastic film. Usually the plastic film gives you a hassle (you know what I mean, not getting ripped of properly, tangling it self into it self and that sort of stuff). The plastic boxes are fine I guess but usually gets worn down pretty quick (there’s no getting rid of that meat sauce left-over trace, no sir), not to mention the feeling you get when eating the food the day after, when it’s been contained in healthy plastic boxes over night.

Therefore I just wanna let you in on this little tip that a fellow Instagramer reminded me of the other day. It’s really simple, safes the environment and safes your body from unnecessary plastic pollution (not to mention, no more wrestling with the plastic film!).

This is how

Simply put a plate on top of another plate. Keep it in the fridge and there you go. Of course you can use this little trick with other food than left-overs (cheese, ham, butter, etc.). I also advise you do not bring your left-overs in this set-up to work. 

How to keep the Left-overs

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    • Tack :) Ja det sparar ju en del på miljön, vi kan själva hjälpa till att dra ner på den överdrivna plastkonsumtionen.

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