Sunday School – Connect Dimmer Switch to Electric Cord

I found this lamp in Swedish store Lagerhaus (here) (that allegedly will start international shipping), it was so gorgeous that I decided on having a pair as nightstand lamps in our guest room. To my great dismay I learned, when I returned home, that the lamps didn’t have a switch and the light was way too bright for a cosy evening read. Solution? Dimmer switch.

So, I’m super excited about this Sunday School where I’ve photographed, step by step, how I put a dimmer switch onto a fabric collet cord (please not I’m not an electrician and you should always consult with a professional when dealing with electricity).

Sockel Lamp Brass

Photo by Mind the Home

Of course I needed tools. From right side; fabric glue, wire cutters, measuring tape, utility knife, small screwdriver and of course, the dimmer switch.

Tools to put Switch on Cord

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I measured at what place I wanted the switch. I did this by putting the lamp at the nightstand and appreciated how far down I wanted it then measured it (25 cm). 

Measure Cord

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I used a wire cutter (mine from IKEA) to firmly cut the cord. After the cutting I did the following steps to both of the ends that I just created.

Cutting Cords Wire Cutter

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 I put some fabric glue on the cut fabric to prevent it from fringing.

Glue on Fabric

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I carefully cut a small incision about 1,5 cm into the cord, in the black plastic, then I bended it to reveal the brown and blue cord underneath. I kept doing this until the black plastic was completely separated and I could pull it of.

How To Cut Cords

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Then it looked like this.

Blue Brown Cord Cut

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Then I did the same thing to the blue and brown cords, when I only had the copper wire left, I twisted them to be able to control them better.

Twist Wires

Photo by Mind the home

After this I opened the dimmer switch box with a flat screwdriver. I screwed the screws in the blue boxes releasing room for the blue and brown wire to fit. I also screwed the screws in the white plastic pieces, removed and put aside. 

Dimmer Switch Gamma

Photo by Mind the Home

Then I inserted the blue and brown cord into the blue boxes and then screwed them tight. I did the same thing at both sides. Making sure I had put the same color at the same spot (I put brown to the inner side). When this step was done, I connected it to power just to check that the light was working, then disconnected it again.

Blue and Brown Wire Connected

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After this I led the cord outside of the box, put the white plastic back on and screwed tight, then finally I put the black plastic lid back onto the switch.

Installing Cords to Switch Dimmer

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Dimmer Switch Installed to Cord

Photo by Mind the Home

Sockellampa Lagerhaus Guld

Photo by Mind the Home

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