Low Carb and Sugar/Gluten/Dairy Free Lemon Squares

When making new recipes it can become a home run at once, or, you need to work for it. These Lemon Squares belongs to the latter. Therefore it brings me extra joy to present these wickedly delicious, super moist, Lemon Cookies. Enjoy!

Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Low Carb, Lchf, Paleo Lemon Squares

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Low Carb and Sugar/Gluten/Dairy Free Lemon Squares.
  1. 3 eggs
  2. 1 dl (0,42 cups) coconut oil, no flavor/smell
  3. 1 dl (0,42 cups) fresh lemon juice (about 4 lemons)
  4. zest from 2 lemons
  5. 2,5 tbsp liquid honey
  6. 1 dl (0,42 cups) coconut flour (I use the one from Aman Prana)
  7. 2 tbsp psyllium husk
  8. 1 tsp baking powder
  9. black poppy seeds
  1. Whip eggs with electric blender until they become a silky foam.
  2. Pour liquid honey into the eggs.
  3. Melt coconut oil and pour into eggs.
  4. Peel zest from (2) lemons and then squeeze all your lemons until you have 1 dl. Pour into the mix. Whip together.
  5. Add coconut flour, psyllium husk and baking powder. Give it a quick whip and then leave a couple of minutes and mix one last time.
  6. Pour onto a baking paper, spread it evenly, should be about 1 cm thick.
  7. Drizzle poppy seeds on top of it.
  8. Bake 12 minutes in 180 C (356 F) hot air. If you don't have hot air add 25 C (77 F) to the number.
  9. When the cake is ready to remove from the oven it may seem a bit too moist. Not to worry, it will set!
  1. When I've eaten my fair share of cookies, I put them in the freezer for next time. You can keep them in the fridge but they will become a bit different in texture and I prefer the room temperature texture.
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