Low Carb Pasta Sauce with Sun-dried Tomatoes and Haricot Verts

Lchf Pasta with  Creamy Pasta Sauce

Photo by Mind the Home

Low Carb Pasta with Creamy Sund-Dried Tomato and Fresh Thyme Sauce

Photo by Mind the Home

Pasta Sauce with Sun-dried Tomatoes and Haricot Verts
  1. 1 shallot
  2. 1 clove of garlic
  3. 180 g (6,3 oz) sun-dried tomatoes
  4. 1 pot fresh thyme
  5. 5 dl (2,1 cups) cream
  6. 200 g (7 oz) haricot verts
  7. 4 drops of lemon
  8. 2 pinches of salt
  1. Chop shallot, grate clove of garlic and fry a couple of minutes in butter, low heat.
  2. Meanwhile let the tomatoes drain and then chop into smaller pieces. Add to the onions.
  3. Pour cream into the pan and let simmer.
  4. Scratch and add the thyme.
  5. Rinse and chop the beans and throw into the pan.
  6. When the sauce has thicken, it's ready (also taste the beans so that you are satisfied with the texture).
  7. Salt two large pinches and add drops of lemon.
  8. Serve with homemade Low Carb Pasta (click here for recipe)
  1. The picture of the thyme shows to the left scratch thyme and to the right the left over stems. These you can save and make broth with, but in my opinion they are too chewy to put in the food.
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Scratched Fresh Thyme

Photo by Mind the Home

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  1. Wow, this looks beautiful! And so simple. I have been waiting so long to find a nice low carb pasta. Will for sure try this dish out!

    • Thank you Lisa, that makes me happy to hear! I hope you will enjoy this low carb pasta, we love it and usually keep the freezer full on stock ;)

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