Shopping Spree at COS Stores

Yesterday I was feeling in the zone (shopping zone), so I went for a small stop at COS. When you’re pregnant, and your body just doesn’t look like you’d prefer it to anymore, shopping doesn’t come easy. So, better strike while the iron is hot, I figured.

3 hours later I was ready. The girl in the cashier greeted with me with “you did good today” and I joked “I doubt my husband would agree”. I left the store and felt on top of the world. Dresses and dresses to parade my little (big) belly was in my bags and nothing could stop me now.

Until this morning when I woke up, decided to give it the second trail (you guys do that right?) and I realized, I’ve. Made. A. Hugh. Mistake (Arrested Development Reference for those of you who will have it). I just completely spaced being so happy there were normal (not maternity clothes) that fitted, making me loose all sense of, what do you call it?- red thread. Leaving you with a wardrobe scattered in too many different fashions directions, impossible to match and impossible to wrap your head around. 

Well. It’s not all bad. Some of the clothes will stay with me some of them will please another- Below you’ll find the lucky ones.

This sober pink Jackie Kennedy-dress was a no brainer. I’ll pair it with the A-line cardigan below. I like that my belly looked sweet in this one without a belt in the waist (I’m a tiny bit tired of accentuating the belly at all times). 

Pink Dress from COS

 (you’ll fint it here)

This A-line cardigan is great for dresses which is a huge plus. It’s also beautiful with jeans and best part -it will fit the belly.

Black A-line Cardigan from COS

(you’ll find it here

This little navy baby below is a little gambler for me. I usually don’t go for shirt dresses but the fabric and the feel to this silk dress made me defy the fact that it even needs dry cleaning. I’ll pair it with a not to tight waist belt and a pair of military green, suede, pointy ballerinas. And also a big pair of 60’s sunglasses. 

Silk Shirt Dress from COS

(you’ll find it here)

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  1. Totally in love with the cardigan! I barely dare to visit COS in Copenhagen, but perhaps I should treat myself with some good old fashioned online shopping this fine Friday… :)

    • I know I’m guessing I’ll probably live in it for a while ;-) You should- spring news are wonderful!

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