Cherry Blossom and Spring is here!

So you might have noticed that I’ve been missing almost a week. I decided it was a long time since I checked in at the local hospital so figured why not. Nice beds and excellent food you know. All very Low Carb and healthy living. But anyway, I’m back and despite all that good, healthy food I’ve missed my own cooking and even though the hospital interior is very inspiring for sick people I’ve missed my own things.

Therefore, I’ll kick this week of with some spring twigs.  In the mix you find Cherry- and Willow buds. I hope you all have a wonderful week in this amazing weather the weekend brought us! 

Cherry Blossoms

Photo by Mind the Home

Cherry Blossoms

Photo by Mind the Home

Pictures Kitchen

Photo by Mind the Home

Wall art from Photographic Museum in Stockholm, Sweden are about to be replaced so though I should preserve them.

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Mind the Home


  1. oh gosh, hope both you and baby are fine! Glad to hear you’re home!

    Also starting up on that spring decorating, and got so inspired to go buy some twigs right now (despite of my heeeeavy bags;)

    • We are both fine now, thank you <3 I think you totally should -the buds are blooming one by one and it’s pure joy to see.

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