Makeup to make your Eyebrows look fuller

So, when it comes to eyebrows, it’s bad luck for those of us who were in luck during the 90’s. In opposite to the 90’s fashion trends, these days, big and full eyebrows are on every celebrity,  in every magazine and on every it-girl. So I’ve been trying out some products for a while to try and work some really hard magic on the little ensemble of hair above my eyes, also called eyebrows (if you really push it).

Eyebrow Make Up from M.A.C.

Photo by Mind the Home

First I gave the easy alternative- Brow Pencil from M.A.C. (with some instructions from the staff) a try. I’d say the pencil was not for me, no matter how good the technique. With my blond, barely existing-brows it just looked painted on which is a look I’m not comfortable in.

Pros: Easy to apply, last all day.

Cons: Flat and “painted on” look.

Then I moved on to Smashbox’s Brow Tech Trio. This I stuck with for a while, although I altered the way of using it a bit. I gently touched my brows with some wax to make them suceptable for the powder. Then I used a tilted brow brush to gently brush some powder on top of the brows. This did not only darken and widen my brows, but also made it look more 3D since the powder stuck to every hair, instead of just the skin underneath the hair. However, this approach did have its limitations. The wax easily smudge and when taking photographs a lot like I do, sometimes left me with a brow less on the face and a brow more on the camera. 

Pros: Easy to apply. A full 3D look.

Cons: Smudge easily. 

Finally I got tired of the brow sticking to the camera so I turned yet again to M.A.C. (who really is a favorite) and asked for advise. They offered me to try some products (this is a really nice thing if you are not sure, just ask a member of staff to help you with some trying and coaching). Their Gel Creme was in my opinion to sharp, I want a soft and natural look. So we tried the Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set and the result is great. You apply it like mascara to every little brow you have, making them look a lot fuller, and it stays on all day (with or without camera)! Now, for me this is a great look because I like my brows to look natural. If you want to accent them further you can always add a powder or a pencil, this way you’ll both have the fullness on every hair, and some color underneath.

Pros: Gives your brows a natural look. Stays on all day. 3D-look.

Cons: A bit tricky to apply before getting used to it. 

Make up from M.A.C. for Eyebrows

Photo by Mind the Home

In picture-my blonde eyebrows styled with Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set.

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    • Thank you :) I really like the product even if it’s a bit tricky to use. You should head to M.A.C. and try it out for yourself:)

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