Double Lated Tulips

When I moved to Holland I knew that tulips were a big deal over here, but I didn’t know how cheap they would be. Here you can enjoy a 50 piece bundle of tulips for 5 €, and how I love teasing my friends back in Sweden who buys 8 piece bundles for 5 €. It’s not nice, but it is super fun.

Naturally I’ve planted my own tulips as well which I’m super excited to enjoy in what should (could) be only days. And get this. They are double lated. I didn’t even know this existed. But boy do they exist. A trip to Keukenhof, a famous tulip garden in Holland, confirmed the multitude of the double lated tulips.  Here are three of my favorites. And accidentally two look a likes live in my balcony.

 What are your favorite tulips?

Tulips in my balcony

White and pink doubled lated tulips in my balcony, waiting to burst.

Double Late White Tulips

Double Late Tulips Nirvana

Double late pink tulips

Double Late Tulips 20-Z-96-6

Double Late Tulips Marie Jo

Double Late Tulips Marie Jo

Double late yellow tulip Marie Jo

Double Late Tulips Marie Jo

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