Natural Homemade Super Moisturizing Body Scrub

So last week I was enjoying a pedi for my much in need pregnancy feet. But honestly, what was actually worse off than my feet were my shins. It looked like instead of turning pregnant I had turned into a lizard. A scaly lizard. The grotesque swollen days when the skin just barely holds it together, and then back to the normal state. I’m afraid it is all just too much for them. 

Well anyway, the lady did a scrub on my shins as well, much obliged. Sadly, the results were questionable. When I was crawling (like lizards do) from the place I still very much looked.. scaly. 

Therefore I invented my own super scrub. And it really did the trick. This is an all natural scrub which at the same time will give your skin awesome moisture. You really must try it (to avoid crawling around at the beach this summer).

So this is what you do. Blend equal amount of coconut fat and sugar. Add fresh or dried mint to spice up the scent (you can easily do without it as well). And there you go. It. Is. Ready. Easy right?

Natural Homemade Body Scrub

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