The two Beauty Items I can’t live without right now

I’m seriously hooked on two beauty tools right now. At the point where I actually bring them down from the bathroom for a session in front of the TV (my husband pointed out that this is not a good habit for the coach but with my sheer, in love, kind of reality I didn’t even hear him say it). 

Manicure Tools For Home

Photo by Mind the Home

I ordered them from Amazon and they are g-r-e-a-t.

The top one is a cuticle pusher and it does just that, push all your cuticles, dry or fresh and leaves a clean nail bed (this is where I easily get obsessed and simply never stop pushing). On one side you have like a spatula that’s bended and sharpened to follow your nail bed perfectly.  The other side is like a little knife that will help you in corners and such.

The second one is a cuticle pliers. Or at least that’s what it does for me. It clips excess cuticles and calluses on your fingers (okay who am I kidding, I also get seriously obsessed with this step). 


Photo by Mind the Home

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