White Peonies and a (budget) Wedding Bouquet

It’s closing up to a year since I raged Pinterst for Wedding Bouquet inspiration. Since I changed my mind every five minutes. Since my (not entirely clear) vision consumed my entire life.

Then one day, it all became so clear. An all white, simple yet grand, all in bloom Peony Wedding Bouquet. Oh how it was perfect. Grand, classy, smelled like childhood memories and matched the classic wedding theme. No need to add (but of course I will) that I was over the moon when this realization came to me (I imagine that my four bridesmaids, future husband, family and friends in general were quite relieved by this notion). So, hello Keynote and ten pages Wedding Bouquet Presentation. 

When the pamphlet was ready, I was ready and all in the world was right. I went to the florist to order this Grand and Simple Beauty. Small problem. Peonies were out of season for my mid July Wedding. 

The world caved in and opened the doors for a new research-mania. I’m pretty sure I didn’t see an actual flower the following weeks, or even grass, or the outdoors. English Garden Roses in the many, Double Lated Tulips and beautiful as they may be, they weren’t PEONIES. Right?! RIGHT?!

At some point I had to make (a reluctant) decision and the bouquet would be made out of white all in bloom David Austin Roses (please note all in bloom). When the price for this rare request and rose were discussed I put the brain on autopilot and nodded willfully (no price to high for this one hour bouquet right?). 

At the Wedding Day my husband volunteered (bless his heart) to pick up the bouquets for me and the bridesmaids, and smart man as he is, he sent me a picture to make sure it was all alright.

It was not.

The bouquet was not in FULL BLOOM. Did I not order a FULL BLOOM bouquet? Did I not make a ten page pamphlet with instructions?

An hour later, specific instructions, panic and hyperventilating, the florists had been blowing air (from their mouths, fascinating) to speed up the blooming and husband arrives and hands over the bouquets to my bridesmaids. Praise the something up there, my bouquet was all it was supposed to be. Bonus, they had gotten their hands on some peonies making the bouquet smelling the same a seven year old Linda smelled when exploring the childhood garden. 

Anyway, it’s closing up to a year and last weekend I picked up a 15-stack of white peonies at the market (or actually, my husband did, can you see a pattern?) and made a bouquet for the table. And I’d like to give you all a tip if you want to make this into a budget Wedding Bouquet on your own.  Buy double the amount (so 30 peonies) to allow the bouquet to become a bit fuller than the one I made. Let it bloom in a vase for about three to four days. Use spiral technique to make the bouquet. Bind it. Put a silk ribbon around the stems if you want. Voilá, you have a pretty snazzy budget Wedding Bouquet. 

My 400 € Wedding Bouquet

Peony and rose wedding bouquet David Austin

Photo belongs to Mind the Home

My 10 € Bouquet.

Bouquet of white peonies

Photo by Mind the Home

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