Pregnancy Bliss and Shaving Your Legs


I’m sorry I’m only human. I’m sorry that I’m a blogger and yet prioritized spending time with my newborn son to blogging about him. I’m sorry that the dishes have been stacking up and the puke laundry pile (why is breast milk SO hard to remove?) has been growing so that I couldn’t sit by the computer. I’m sorry that new mothers needs to have a baby at their boob all day (and mothers of twins? I can’t even!). I’m sorry that I’ve been away but I’m ecstatic to be back (and without that damn blissed pregnancy body).

Pregnant nine months Pregnancy photography

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Baby James is 21 days old and I’d like to make a revisit of the time passed called pregnancy bliss. 

It started of with the nausea. The infamous comedy, so funny, puking in trash cans, nausea thing. The secret club of morning sickness. The fabulous weight loss sure thing. The blissed diet.

I was happy to join for the sake of a baby. But oh, no one told me that it’s actually not morning sickness, but instead all around the clock sickness. I even remember feeling happy about it, the great and mighty sign of pregnancy.  When I approached one week of all around the clock sickness, it started to feel less exciting and more.. enormously annoying? Not fabulous at all. Not blissed in any way. And absolutely not FUNNY (why does anyone even joke about it?). Well it only lasted from month 1 til month 6, and then reentered in month 8. So no harm right? 

And then, it was the peeing. I mean.. I’d obvisouly heard of it, but figured, how hard can it be? A little plus on the peeing account?

It. Was. Horrible. From week four when the hormones kicked in until the very last day of pregnancy the local grocery store made their entire profit out of our super soft (obviously) toilet paper usage.  It honestly came to the point where I was sore from all the wiping and my hands were crumbling from all the washing. Not to mention the prominent peeing pain as soon as my head hit the pillow, running every other minute during one hour before falling asleep. Honestly. It sounds like such a small thing but. It. Was. Horrible. 

Then there’s the heart burn. Doesn’t seem like much for someone who hasn’t experienced shaving their legs (or bend over all together for that matter) without Anti Acid Refluxe Medicine in one hand and the razor in the other. Again. I think I helped local store through their entire year of sales. 

But hey. Let’s not dwell further on this blissed time. On the 1st of July he finally arrived. And. He. Is. Precious. 



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