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So, there were some things I was sure of when it came to strollers. I wanted one with as few clutter elements as possible (my aura over all is pretty clutter free) and I wanted one with a high baby bed so that I won’t have to bend down every time my baby wants me (partly I’m lazy and partly I suffer from chronic backpain). The market has surprisingly few high strollers but that didn’t even matter, when we saw the Stokke sortiment it was done, black Stokke Trailz here we go. It’s basically the same as Stokke Crusi but with an adjustable handle and with awesome terrain wheels. It has the moves like Jagger. 

Then, it was the question of a changing bag. I was sure that I didn’t want a regular one, you know the ones, lots of pockets, sporty looking? No, that’s not for me. The bag sort of became my mission of proofing to myself that nothing needs to change. See, people were telling me that everything will change. Once you are a mother you will deviate from your own sense of style in favor of practicality. And no, I’m not practical (ask my mentor about that time I came to my internship in a short skirt, no stockings and was standing outside with the kids on break in 10 degrees). I’m vain. I think all who knows me would back that up. And if I’m out in the woods my old scouting skills might kick in and I’d be practical. But otherwise. No. And no, I don’t want to change who I am just because I’m now a mom. I still wanna go for the unpractical but totally gorgeous bag.

And I did. Louis Vuitton Neverfull might be spacious but don’t be fooled. It’s huge which will give you a lot of space but there are no pockets in it. You might say, what goes in the Neverfull stays in the Neverfull (cause you just simply won’t find it again). My friend even suggested a shoulder bag to go with it so that I could keep keys, wallet cellphone etc. somewhere I actually could find it. But don’t you all go give up on your dreams people.  After a little bit of Pinterest, a little bit of Etsy, an organizer was in the mail. Now the diapers, change of clothes,  and all the other things you need to be prepared with (there’s just so, so much..) is sorted neatly and I’ll find it in a jiffy. 

Further more, and this was maybe the most limiting problem. It might be easy to toss over your shoulder but there’re no straps to hang over the stroller handle. This was a tough one. I spoke to the staff at Louis Vuitton several of times and they shot most of my awesome (!) ideas down. Bad ideas I could see they were thinking (actually, they said it). They suggested several of different bags (but I wanted the Neverfull man!) and also stroller hooks. But in general stroller hooks give me a little bit of a clutter rash and I wasn’t convinced. However, the unpractical part of me and the MacGyver in me (the scout if you will), ignored the advise and I was sure I’d find a solution in the end. And I did. I bought kitchen hooks at IKEA and I left them with a lady that makes leather bags, for dressing them in black leather. Now they fit perfectly with the black (clutter free) stroller. 

And you know what? It works great. #DontShootMeDown

Trailz Stokke Stroller Louis Vuitton Damier Neverfull

Photo by Mind the Home

Designer bag Louis Vuitton Neverfull  Damier Trailz Stokke

Photo by Mind the Home

Hook Stroller Hanger Trailz Stokke

Photo by Mind the Home

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