New feet, I mean shoes, or no, I mean feet

Seriously. Do you know for how long I’ve build my shoe armory? How many drops of sweat I’ve shed on sales and how many sleepless hours I’ve spent ponding yes or no at the latest shoe purchase? 

Only to learn that after pregnancy the feet would grow one size and I now need to say goodbye to all my true servants. Like it wasn’t enough to buy new lingerie (and by this of course I mean the hideous nursing bras out on the market and the large panties that will conceal the stretch marks and the new cellulites), clothes, coats, sneakers, etc. Darn, I REALLY THOUGHT THIS WAS MYTH.

And for you women who’ve also experienced this phenomena (the word almost makes it sound like something positive, but do not mistake it for just that,) I can highly recommend Högl who have super comfy, completely in leather, shoes even for flat post pregnancy feet.  

Leather ballerina from Högl

Photo by Mind the Home

Leather Ballerina Högl

Photo by Mind the Home

Ballerina in Leather from Högl

Photo by Mind the Home

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