Why you should Stop Hating on your Post Pregnancy Belly

If this were a picture of a three months pregnant woman and you would meet her, you would probably be making cute sounds and telling the pregnant woman how gorgeous she looks. But it’s not. This is my 2,5 months post pregnancy photo. What would you say to the woman now?

Post pregnancy belly

I find it so strange that while being pregnant everyone is marveling at the beauty of ones pregnancy belly. It’s aaall about the caressing it, the snug dresses, the pregnancy photo shoots in ever so cool surroundings (I was a little bit of a disappointment in that aspect, only going for a picture by my window?!). It’s all about the love. The miracle the belly represents. A human being in there – wow aint it amazing! Aint the body amazing! 

But, as soon as the baby is out of there. Where’s the caress? Where’s the snug dresses? The photo shoots? Where’s the love? The miracle? The amazement for the body? All I hear and read on media is “how to get rid of that pregnancy belly in oh so many days”. And the media amazement as soon as a celebrity joins back in the spotlight without the post belly (obviously this is the true miracle). And women hiding it. Corsets are used. Shame and countdowns – how soon can I get rid of this floppy thing? 

It takes a different amount of time for one’s body to get back to its old self. Some women in a few days or weeks. Some women months. For me, it’s taking months. Now, I’m all about downsizing the belly, it’s in the way (it would be nice to shave your down stairs with a visual). But I’m working on not rushing it, and I’m trying to not hide it. And I’m truly working on not shaming myself over it. It’s there because of a beautiful thing and the body and the belly TRULY is amazing and this is just (well evident) proof.

So here’s to loving your bump during and after pregnancy. 

9,5 months pregnant 

Pregnant nine months Pregnancy photography

Photo by Mind the Home

2,5 months post pregnancy

Post pregnancy belly

Photo by Mind the Home


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