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Linda at Mind the Home

Mind the Home is a blog about a home.

Home. A word that can take many forms. May it be an actual home, or your inner sphere -you’re free to interpret it which ever way you choose (I’m generous that way). For me, it’s what’s important to me in a material world (we all live there, we all need it) but also what makes my body and soul a healthy home to live in, such as healthy and organic Low Carb food. So this is what you’ll find here, recipes and topics of lifestyle.

Anyway (let’s keep this snappy), I’m a chef and a teacher, which means that in my very core (at least this is what I like to imagine) I’m meant to cook and to share knowledge. This site allows me to try and use these superpowers for good.

Hope you’ll enjoy the reading.

Linda at Mind the Home


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